Hydrant App
for iPad and iPhone

The fast way for Fire and Utility Services to locate the nearest fire hydrant

The AppStore version will be discontinued as per January 2016. Refunds are available for purchases within the previous 24 months. Email support@brandhane.dk with iTunes purchase documentation.

Using the built-in GPS and electronic compass on the iPhone or iPad 3G, Hydrant pin-points your location and heading. With fire hydrant data on file or automatically synchronised from your own server, Hydrant points rescuers to the nearest sufficiently yielding fire hydrant.

Zoom out on the map to only show the best yielding hydrants. Zoom in to display all hydrants. Hydrant points to the nearest hydrant satisfying the users set minimum yield. High yield hydrants are marked with red on the map.

Hydrant data is supplied by the user. In addition to location, additional data such as hose coupling and water flow can be linked to each fire hydrant. Map and satellite data is fetched online and an internet connection is therefore required.

Sharing fire hydrant data is easy

You have several option for distributing your hydrant data.

Load individual iPhone and iPad’s with hydrant data directly via file transfer from iTunes or share hydrant data by uploading it to your department web server.

Hydrant Enterprise Toolkit

The cloud-based Hydrant Enterprise Toolkit has been discontinued as per January 2016. If you are a subscriber and have not been contacted about a subscription refund, send an e-mail to support@brandhane.dk

The web-based Hydrant Enterprise Toolkit allows easy administration of the full fire hydrant life cycle.

Hydrant Enterprise Toolkit allows you to create new hydrant, take them in and out of service, see complete history for each hydrant as well as remove hydrants. Hydrants can be tagged with coupeling type, water flow and pressure as well as internal notes.

Hydrants can be manually created or imported from most major GIS as well as raw GPS data. Google StreetView can be used to inspect surroundings and fire hydrant placement.

The cloud hosted fire hydrant data is downloaded and cached by all mobile devices.


This application is to be used as a guide only. This application is meant to supplement existing fire hydrant maps not replace them. The authors of this application make no claims regarding the accuracy of the information contained herein nor the accuracy of readings from the device GPS and compass. The authors of this application and its content shall not be liable for any injury and/or damage to persons or property arising from the use of this application. It is the responsible of the licensed user to verify the correctness of the used data and the feedback received from the app. Every user is responsible for their actions and using the application critically.

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